About Sophie McGeorge; Singer, Songwriter and Producer


I’m sitting in an old, strikingly romantic English garden. A quiet space of North London where Sophie moved to from Denmark, not too long ago.

Sunflowers, a mock orange tree and a curious amount of little birds. It’s not hard to imagine, how Sophie’s songs, easily emerge from here..


¨I think there was a key moment at age 4… Sophie smiles, after a glance into the clouds.. - I received a mysterious tape from some family in England, and I found there was ABBA on it! I had never heard music like that before. ..From that moment music took over for me and I escaped into a world of creating songs. I would soon write storys and poems, and started in my teenage years to focus on developing my singing. From church choirs to experimental electronica bands, -singing and writing songs became my creative channel, a sort of friend I needed to confess to about what was going on around me..probably a way to find peace with things, to put it in a song, is to me a kind a statement like ¨this is how it is¨  

Sophie explains about a long journey with major and smaller record labels,including  releases through Sony Music, Cafe del Mar, Ministry of Sound and many more and about living in Denmark. ¨Well Denmark is a cool place and living is easier there. But like any small country it’s also limiting for an artist. The market is so small and there are clearly not the opportunities that London is so full of. Right now I am out there just buskin in the streets, playing songs I love and my own songs in a great mix, I’m having the time of my life…! ¨ Sophie laughs… ¨and it’s quite exciting, it feels like I have just started with music, and all my days have a little new pinch of magic ... 



Author: Esmarelda Johannesen

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